T Shirt is not just to be worn in the parties or just while sleeping. Rather you can wear them even in the meetings as well. And with such a huge popularity of these T-shirts now you can customise your own T Shirt as well. This trend of customising t-shirts has grown worldwide now. The reason is that with this revolution now people have more choice to wear at different occasions. IF anyone of you is aware of customising your T Shirt then this could come in an advantage for you. As now unlike your friends you do not need to find out for the specific designs after shopping for hours in a shopping mall.

Earn with this Skill




And here you need not restrict yourself for just the customization of T Shirt, instead, you can do it on several other clothing’s as well because the process would be same for everyone. In short, if there is any type of clothing which allows you to print on them, then you can perform customization on it easily. As there is a huge trend of pictures of different superheroes or cartoon characters on the T Shirt of children. So you can make it as your business and no doubt you will earn a lot out of it. Besides clothing you might have seen differently customised mugs as well, so you can earn from that as well.

How to do this?


Now the main thing is how to perform the customization of T Shirts. Many big clothing brands and companies have developed their applications and software which are used as an Online Designing tool. In this software, you can decide which type of clothing you want to have a design for. Just suppose if that is a T Shirt, then you have to use the tools inside the software. In these tools include the layers to design, different patterns, customised pattern, special effects, and text tools for the addition of any slogan or any text and scaling tool.

Different Tools


After you are done with the basic steps with the help of these tools. Now comes the process of adding the picture or some drawing to your pattern. Here you cannot add any quality of drawing or picture, rather you can select from those which can match the quality standard of the software. Once you are done with all of this process then now comes the final image of your design for the final touch up. Now comes the process of printing your design on your blank T Shirt. If anyone of you can do it yourself then it may cost you a lot, because you do not have the expensive equipment like the companies have. So better is to mail your design with a request for printing, and after some of their service charges, you will be delivered with your favourite T Shirt once your design is printed on it. There are different methods of printing used by different companies, and that is why there is always a difference in the quality of design on the shorts as well.